Hi, I'm Rick Carbaugh, Mr Swivel

A patient transfer specialist for many hospitals. Several caregivers came up with the nickname Mr Swivel; because, they loved the Swivel device.

I learned how to transfer patients the hard way caring for my wife who had progressive MS.  I had to learn how to transfer her with a bad back the dozens of times a day or transfer her to a nursing home.  At first, I struggled with the problem of performing these transfers.  I hurt myself and her quite often.  This pain finally made me come up with a solution. In the beginning, I purchased the cheap plastic pivot assist disc products you see available on the market today, but they just didn’t work. They broke very quickly, or just didn’t work at all.   I also couldn’t find any help on how to perform these transfers anywhere.

I had to come up with a solution. And come up with one quick!

My Mission is to Educate and Train Caregiver's in Safely Transferring Patients

So, I invented a simple patient transfer pivot swivel device designed to support a patient up to 500 lbs. Then my wife and I developed a core set of manual patient transfer techniques that we would end up using until her death.  I became so good at transferring, that I began to teach others to safely and easily transfer patients also. My industry experience in helping caregiver’s learn how to properly transfer patients without strain or injury, and learn how to have fun again at work being a caregiver today.


Swivel Caregivers Patient Transfers Tools

With Mr Swivel, it is possible to manually transfer your loved one from their wheelchair, bed, chair or other area like the toilet or shower without hurting yourself or your patient.

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Swivel No Lift Patient Transfers Training Solutions

The No Lift Transfers Training Solutions are designed to equip and train your caregiver staff with the skills to safely transfer and move patients.

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