Hi, I'm Rick Carbaugh 'Mr Swivel'

I learned how to transfer patients the hard way caring for my wife who had progressive MS. I had to learn how to transfer her with a bad back the dozens of times a day or transfer her to a nursing home. At first, I struggled with the problem of performing these transfers. I hurt myself and her quite often. This pain finally made me come up with a solution. In the beginning, I purchased the cheap plastic pivot assist disc products you see available on the market today, but they just didn’t work. They broke very quickly, or just didn’t work at all. I also couldn’t find any help on how to perform these transfers anywhere.

So, I invented a simple device made out of steel and that could support a patient up to 500 lbs. Then I created a set of steps with my wife’s help to perform the daily transfers of known 7 steps that I used until her death. I became so good at transferring, that I began to teach others to safely and easily transfer also. I turned into such a patient transfer specialist, that hospitals came up with my nickname “Mr Swivel”; because, they loved my new Swivel device.

My Mission In Safe Swivel Patient Transfers for Caregivers

One-on-One education and training in safe patient transfers. We offer various courses ranging from basic to advanced transfer techniques with on-site equipment. Time-tested format begins with instructional demonstration, followed up with physical skills review by each student. Learn More about patient transfer challenges.

  • Reduce Injuries to Caregiver Staff and Patients.
  • Reduce Work Downtime to Caregiver Staff from Injuries.
  • Dramatically Improve Caregiver Staff Morale and Attitude towards patient handling.
  • Reducing Total Injuries and Downtime Saves Considerable Annual Budget!
Mr Swivel Puts the Caregiver in Full Control of Patient Transfers

The Mr Swivel Patient Transfer device is a very easy to use, durable, strong, and comes with the training to safely transfer your patient with over 12 techniques. This patient transfer solution will completely change the way you transfer your patients from now on.



Rick Carbaugh – “Mr. Swivel”