Assisting Family Members with Mobility Issues

The process of assisting family members with mobility issues can be difficult. Family members are not familiar with the concept of assisted mobility for a family member and the challenges it provides to their loved one. The first challenge is assessment. You must be able to understand the limitations you loved one faces before choosing a transfer tools or techniques. Understand the fundamentals of safe patient transfer is critical to the assisted transfer process.

The second issue is tool selection. There are many tools made that can be used to assist in the transfer process. Considerations are safety, cost of equipment, operation of the equipment and when to choose what equipment if any. Most patients can be transferred safely and easily with simple inexpensive tools like the gate belt, slide-board and lateral transfer plate (Swivel). Carefully evaluate mobility care products to discover how they can be safely used to assist family members with their mobility issues in the home care environment. The final consideration