Back injuies in nursing from patient transfers is at epidemic proportions

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly 80 percent of all back and shoulder injuries are due to handling and transferring patients.  In other words, nearly 80 percent of all back injuries are related to over exertion from lifting, pulling, pushing, holding, carrying, and turning motions.  Say it ain’t so.

It’s definitely so. If your going to move patients, family members, or friends without a mechanical lift device, then your are putting yourself at risk for serious injury. Invest little of your time to learn the science behind safe patient transfers and discover the ease of the Balance Pivot transfer method. This simple method of transferring requires a force equal to as little as 10% of the weight of the person being transferred. That’s an average 16.9 lbs. of force to alter the patients center of gravity forward a few inches and into the neutral position.

In the neutral position there is no weight to bear, this is called the balance position, from the balance position the weight can be pivoted with as little as a 4 lb of force.  So you have a 16 lb tip to the balance position and a 5 lb pivot to the new seated position, it could not be easier. When you see how simple it is you may have one of those, why didn’t I think of that moments. I certainly did.

If you are responsible for assisting people with limited mobility should learn to execute the Balance Pivot transfer techniques in order to move patients safely, with the minimum exertion.  The training is free.  You do not have to have to own the Swivel transfer plate to execute these moves, however the Swivel is the secret sauce that makes it so easy.

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