Balance Pivot is a no-lift manual patient transfer system

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Balance Pivot reduces the patient transfer load by 90%. In a recent transfer demonstration a spring scale was used to record the force required to transfer the patient.  The transfer load works out to around 10% of the patients body weight to achieve balance and 1% of body weight to pivot. Using the transfer plate makes the entire transfer quick and smooth.

The resulting transfer is a safe and easy way to move most patients. Patients do not require the ability to stand to take advantage of this simple transfer technique. Proper execution reduces the risk of potential injury to caregiver or patient.

We offer individual caregivers the opportunity to attend the online patient transfer classes held online for free. These class will cover the basic transfer techniques.  There are actually 14 transfer methods that cover every imaginable patient handling situation. There are also classes for physical therapists, occupational therapists, CNA’s, rehabilitation specialists and nurses.