Certification in Patient Handling Safety


So you feel you understand the best practices of safe patient transfers.  You may be surprised to learn that the techniques taught in school are not up to date. In fact, many are even dangerous.  The test is simple.  Transfer load should never exceed 20% of the caregivers weight.  Ideally much less.  This load should not be a dead lift rather a moving load which uses caregivers body weight to supply much of the force required.

Transfer loads resulting from the Balance Pivot patient handling technique will reduce the transfer load to around 10% of the patients weight.  So if you have a 150 lb patient that’s a 15 lb transfer load.  And a 120 lb caregiver the maximum weight load is 20% or 24 lbs.   From a load basis the patient is within the safe patient transfer limits using any of 15 Balance Pivot Techniques.

Patient Transfer Training is Free for individual caregivers caring for family members.  Training programs and certification are available for professional caregivers and facilities.