Do you Practice Safe Patient Transfers

Chances are you do not.  Transferring people is difficult and the successful methods are not intuitive.  The techniques are very specific and require a few hours to fully master.  Once learned these techniques will save you back and reduce the potential injury to the person you are trying to assist.

The basics are a technique known as the Balance Pivot.  It is called balance because you do not lift the person you simply tip and balance their weight.  The procedures uses a few simple inexpensive items like a belt to provide a surface to grip,  another item that greatly enhances the execution of the technique is a secure transfer plate.  This device secures the feet and has steel ball bearings that make rotating the patient almost effortless.  The patient is tipped onto the transfer plate and easily rotated and re-set with a minimum of physical effort.  The energy required has been measured a low as 10% of the patients weight.  Learn more at