Easy Patient Handling –

The process is safe, simple and easy. Thousands of professional caregiver personnel have been trained.

Step 1.nose over knees and over toes Step 2. rock, balance and pivot.

Step 1. When you get ready to transfer you install a gait belt to provide somewhere to hold the patient or loved one. Next place the Swivel Transfer Buddy of the floor and strap in the feet.  Now put the knees over the toes then lean forward until the nose is over the knees.  This forward position transfers the center of gravity forward reducing almost all the transfer weight.

Step 2. Reach forward and grab the gait belt on each side of the patients waist.  Only your arms pass the knees of the patient to reach the gait belt.  Your body stays back and you back is kept straight.  Place you knees beside their knees to secure them and gently rock back, tipping the patient onto their lower leg bone (they do not need to have the use of their legs for this to work). The patients weight will be in balance over the Swivel. Because of the preparation in step 1, this will require very little effort.  Next simply pivot on the Swivel Transfer Buddy to the new position.  This pivot requires only a few pounds of force.  Gently release them to the new seated position.

You have just completed a manual no-lift balance pivot transfer. If the person you were transferring weighed 200 lbs, it would have required 20 lbs of force supplied by your body weight to reach the balance point, then only a few pounds to pivot to new position. You can view video examples and request a FREE detailed patient handling training course at www.MrSwivel.com.