Freedom is Just Another Word for Mobility

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You cannot have freedom, if you cannot move.  People with mobility issues all to often loose their freedom.  Caregivers are either incapable or afraid of helping the handicapped person move.  The result is a type of imprisonment wherever they are at the time.

It is often suggested that some of these people be transferred to nursing homes where they can be better cared for, when all they need is a little assistance.  But their freedom may not be assured there.  Injury rates from inexperienced caregivers can make life a type of hell.  Incredibly, as so often is the case, there is a simple solution .

It is called the Balance Pivot Transfer. This manual no-lift techniques permits the caregiver to reduce the transfer load (weight of the person) by 90% turning a 180 lb patient into an 18 lb transfer load. This is a load many much smaller people can easily handle.