Indignities of the patient lift.

Shelia Morgan recalls. I have been transferred each morning and evening to and from my wheel chair with a crane. They call it a patient lift, but I know what it is. It makes me feel like freight. I quietly endured the humiliation of being cranked skyward and lowered for so long, I can’t remember when it began.

One day, a man walked in and said he was going to move me, but he did not bring the crane. I thought he did not know what he was doing. He slid me to the edge of the bed, lowered the bed, and strapped my feet into a small black object. He put a gait belt around my waist and said just relax, in seconds, I was seated in my wheel chair. I could not believe it. Everyone wanted to swivel, but he said not everyone can use the swivel. I think many of us have to endure the hand cranes because caregivers lack the tools and training to take advantage of the swivel transfer system. I am glad I am one.