Knee Supported Patient Transfers Allow Greater Weight Transfer

Knee Supported Swivel

A basic swivel is all that is needed for most patient handling tasks.  In a few cases more support is desired. The knee supported swivel fulfills that need. The supported patient transfer device features retractable casters that allow the unit to be moved from location to location.

The knee supported patient swivel features a hand hold for the patient and fully adjustable knee support pads, and a base swivel with feet retention straps. A key feature of the transfer device is the use of shock absorbers to allow the unit to come forward transferring the patient’s center of gravity forward. This is an important safety feature to prevent the patient weight from shifting backwards when using the device.

The patient does not need to be able to bear weight to safely transfer from one surface to another. Once the patient is tipped forward they are rotated to the final position and gently released to the new surface. Learn more about the benefits and use of the knee supported pivot transfers in the video library.