We have a dozen special techniques for special situations to help you achieve confidence and satisfaction in caring for your loved one or patient.

We offer videos and instructions to get you trained in the fundamentals of manual patient transfer. This training covers the key steps to make every transfer safe and easy.

Mr Swivel Puts the Caregiver in Full Control of Patient Transfers.

Learn the basic patient transfer techniques custom designed to be used with the Swivel.

Learn How To Properly Transfer Patients
  • The process of manually transferring a human is fraught with danger. That very task makes nursing one of the most dangerous professions for injury.
  • Learn how to protect your patient and yourself from serious injury.
  • Learn what small tools to use
  • Get the training needed to manage the transfer safely and easily.
  • Reduce transfer loads by 90%
  • Move a person up to twice your size without lifting twisting or exceeding OSHA’s recommended load limit of 35lbs.
  • Discover how to transfers patients with no ability to bear weight.
  • Learn the basic transfers most often used.
  • Caregiver Assessment – Are you fit to help anyone? Weight is not the issue.
  • Patient Assessment – what type of transfer is best for your situation?
  • Tool Choices – What tools to use and which ones you should never use with anyone you care about?
  • Basic Transfer Methods – Learn the various basic transfer methods to transfer.