Moving Family Members with Mobility Issues

Moving family members is not intuitive, it’s a learned skill. Unfortunately that skill is not well known within the healthcare community. Healthcare workers are taught a type of manual patient transfer method but it is not leveraged based. The result is that the injury rates among healthcare workers are one of the highest in the world. The average healthcare worker transfers more than 1.8 tons every work day and as a result is one of the top injured workers in all industries.

Imagine the next time you go to move a family member being able to reduce that transfer weight by half or more. What if you could only handle a load equivalent to 10% of that family member’s body weight?  Appliance delivery people do this exact thing every day when they move a 300 lb refrigerator. Have you ever witnessed a delivery man move a refrigerator without any assistance? He certainly did not lift it. He used leverage. In fact, he used the Balance Pivot the very same principle applies to moving a family member. Discover the principle of Balance Pivot for moving family members and make you and your loved ones life much easier.