Moving Mom – Safe Transfer Methods for Home Care

One day everything was fine and the next mom was in a wheel chair. Our family struggled to provide the daily care for her but the task of transfers only seemed to get harder.  Physical therapy can out and helped us out. Home health care helped to.  But when they left the struggle resumed.

It was after the first transfer injury that I started thinking their had to be a better way to transfer Mom.  She need to go from the bed to her wheel chair, from her wheel chair to the toilet, back to the wheel chair, and then to the dining table and back through the steps again, over and over. Without some relief I felt that soon we would both be in wheel chairs.

A friend told me about seeing a the Swivel transfer plates being used at a nursing home.  I understood that these professional patient transfer devices had only been marketed to nursing facilities and that training was available online.  I obtained one of the Swivel transfer plates and it quickly learned the techniques that turned a dreaded chore into a workable transfer method.  Now I think of this transfer device like my American Express.  We don’t leave home without either. The Swivel and the training have made a hugh difference in my life as it does for many others.