Optimization of Patient Transfer Process is the Goal of this Program

The objective of a comprehensive patient transfer safety program is to get all personnel responsible for patient handling on the same page, executing the best practices for safe patient transfers.  All staff are trained in the manual Balance Pivot transfer techniques which facilitates stable transferring of most patients without lifting.  Balance Pivot reduces the patient transfer load by 90%, well below the safe standards for safe patient handling.

This result is accomplished by an intensive hands-on training session where all personnel receive the physical training in the new procedures.  They are supported with an online training center that will include step-by-step instruction as well as a video library.

Training is followed in two weeks with a knowledge test insuring they understand the important key points of patient transfer safety. Following the knowledge test, the education coordinator or physical therapy staff will conduct reviews of the basic transfer procedures that have been previously taught.

Optionally, personnel can be provided certification certificates acknowledging they have completed the requirements for certification in Patient Transfer Safety. The result is a staff trained in the Best Transfer Practices is a dramatic reduction in injuries.   The savings always exceed the cost.