Patient Handling – Block’em, Rock’em, Tip,em and Turn’em all Without Lifting

Patient transfers for most patients is just that quick, safe and easy.  Just block”em, rock”em, tip’em and turn’em.  Sounds like a drill.  It is a drill.  A carefully designed drill that includes well thought out techniques that take advantage of principles of handling loads that movers have always understood combined with a simple load transfer tool known as a portable secure lateral transfer plate or Swivel for short.

These techniques are not intuitive and must be learned.  Practice makes them fluid.  I have trained more than 20,000 caregivers these 5 basic.  You don’t need a crane, or a crowd to transfer. Just a little knowledge and a simple tool that you can take with you wherever you go. These techniques turn a 200 lb dead weight into a easy 20 lb transfer load.  Even a small caregiver can handle it with this powerful combination