People With Severe Mobility Issues Have Options

Mobility issues do not have to mean transfer to a nursing home. A new tool combined with simple, easy to learn techniques now makes it possible to reduce the weight being transferred by 90%. This means a 170lb patient weighs only 17 lbs to the caregiver who is doing the moving. How is this possible? Its really simple and the technique is based on the same principle used to move a refrigerator. Despite it’s large size and heavy weight one person can move a refrigerator because he balances it and rolls it. With a person we balance them and pivot them. One moves forward the other rotates.

The device used is named a Swivel, it is technically a lateral transfer plate and it’s nickname is a transfer buddy. This simple device is smaller than a laptop yet can support a SUV. It secures the feet, carries the load and facilitates the pivoting of that load to the new position all with minimal effort on behalf of the caregiver.