Pivoting Patients is Only a Small Part of the Patient Transfer Process

Prepare, Pivot, Place. Sounds simple enough way to transfer a patient with limited mobility but there is more to it. There are seven steps to prepare a patient to transferred, there are seven steps to prepare yourself to transfer, then a pivot and placement. After the 14 preparation steps there are only two more steps, pivot and place. Skip a step in the patient transfer process and you risk injury. Not always sudden injury but more often accumulated injury.

A successful pivot can be a stand or a seated pivot. There are actually 16 unique transfer styles depending on the position and condition of the patient and the caregiver. No matter which transfer method you choose they are all safe, easy and effective at relocating a person with limited mobility from one surface to another. Home care people and healthcare workers face the same challenge when it comes to moving patients or loved ones. Learn more about the science of patient transfer body mechanics before you risk your back or patients. There are many mobility aids that simplify the patient handling process.