Safe Patient Handling Important to Nursing

The need for patients to transfer is constant and often immediate. This puts a large strain on the nursing profession. Nurses are not taught leverage techniques used by industry to move large, heavy bulky loads so they are often injured.  

But the solution is amazingly simple.  It is a lateral pivot plate.  Movers use a similar device called the floor dolly for heavy loads.  The only difference is one has a bearing ring and the other wheels.  Patients need to rotate to the new location.  So the technique is the exact same method your appliance delivery person used to deliver the large, bulky and heavy washer or refrigerator.

The Balance Pivot is a technique that reduces the patients transfer weight by 90% making it as easy as 1, 2,3 to move them.  Tip, Balance and Pivot.  It’s that easy. A small person can use this technique to move a much larger person.