Safe Patient Handling In The Home

Patient mobility demands for people cared for at home are much different. There is little room for large expensive machines. Homes are not built like hospitals with large halls and wide doorways. And there is the need to go outside the home for services such as medical, cosmetic and other personal needs.

These special needs can be met with only 3 simple inexpensive tools that can be carried in one hand. And often only 2 are required. These tools when combined with some simple training can reduce the transfer load for the caregiver by an amazing 90%. Imaging when it comes to transferring your husband or wife they weigh only 20 pounds. Remove the weight and you remove the barriers to a safe and easy patient transfer.

Learn how to reduce the weight of your significant other to that of a bag of groceries. Getting in and out of the car, to and from wheel chairs and other important transfers by requesting a “set me free” link [email protected]

Moving mom or transferring dad will never be the same. Thank goodness!