The 16.9 pound patient lift. Move patients without the stress and strain of manual lifting

I know you are wondering.  What does 16.9 pounds have to do with moving a patient?  A study conducted at the Veterans Administration concluded that the average weight for patients were 169 lbs.  Now if you were to lift them, you would be lifting 169 lbs, not likely for most caregivers.  If you use a manual lift system you might reduce the weight by a 1/3rd which represents the weight of the legs that are partially resting on the floor.

Now if you choose to use a technique called the balance pivot you can reduce the load to as low as 10% of the body weight.  For the average size patient that would be about 16.9 lbs.  That’s all the weight required to transfer a person from one seated surface to another.  For example, from the edge of the bed to the wheel chair, or the wheel chair to the toilet.

It will require some training to help you master this technique which can permit a person to safely transfer a person up to twice their size.  The Balance Pivot is a life saver for people who need to transfer loved ones or patients at work.  Learn more about the Balance Pivot at