The ability to handle a patient with mobility issue is critical

If you can’t move them how long can they stay home.  With the trend for more seniors to stay home a system to preserve their mobility is more important than ever.  Handling a patient with limited mobility poses sever serious challenges.  The first is weight and the second is balance.

First we need to reduce the weight.  To do this we need to use a technique movers have used for years.  They balance the load and roll it.  In the case of humans we balance and pivot.  The easiest way to accomplish this is with the use of a lateral transfer plate called the Swivel.

There are 5 basic and 9 advanced techniques that can be used with the LTP.  The balance pivot techniques focus on using leverage to reduce the body weight to 10% of the patients weight.  That means that a 160 lb person now weighs 16 lbs.  We can agree that is a lot easier to transfer than 160 lbs.  That solved our first requirement which was to  reduce the weight.   Next we must assess the condition of the patient to select the technique that provides the best balance.

Now we have reduced the weight selected a secure transfer technique and all we have to do is tip, balance and pivot.  The patient easily moves from one seated surface to the other without straining either party reducing the likely hood of injury to either party.