The Key Principle of the Balance Pivot Patient Transfer Technique is as old as the Pyramids

The Balance Pivot is the use of natural body leverage to gain a mechanical advantage during the patient transfer process. This natural leverage can melt the transfer weight from 100% of body weight to as-low-as 10%.  Pyramid builders used it to move bulky heavy objects eons ago.  The body adds an additional transfer challenge that makes it seem as tough as building a pyramid. That challenge is the flexibility of the body. The balance pivot uses precise body position to secure the patient and control that flexibility and center of gravity. Leverage is applied to dramatically reduce the transfer load, to gain balance stabilizing the load over a  frictionless Swivel transfer surface which requires 1 to 4 pounds of force to move the patient to the destination position where they are lowered gently using a counterbalance move. The technique is choreographed
The results of my first transfer attempt shocked me says Debbie “I am small and not very physical however after a few minutes of coaching, I was able to transfer a patient twice my size with little exertion.  I couldn’t believe it!  If someone had ask if i could transfer a man twice my size, I would have said no-way!”

Patient transfer techniques are not intuitive,  The the techniques are not obvious and the skills not customary but once learned the risk to both people is reduced dramatically and the stress and strain a thing of the past.