The Magic of the Balance Pivot Patient Transfer Techniques

The magic of timeless leverage principles are easy to see.  These principles were powerful enough to build a pyramid.  Just try to move any appliance by yourself without any tools and see what happens.  You will probably say, “Are you crazy?” but that’s exactly what people do all the time when it comes to transferring loved ones or patients at work.  Are you crazy?  This will lead to injuries and pain.  That’s why nurses are injured more often than construction workers and miners. Over half report back pain.

If the person you are moving was an appliance you would get a dolly.  To transfer a person you need a gait belt and optional Swivel tool combined with the knowledge of the leverage principles.  By using these small portable inexpensive tools and free training you will be moving humans like the appliance repair man moves appliances  by himself, with minimum effort and without injury  You wont see him show up with just desire to move that appliance, so why do you?

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