The Pain of Necessity is the Mother of Invention for this Patient Transfer System

The Pain of Necessity is the Mother of Invention for this Patient Transfer System.

My wife was still young when Multiple Sclerosis robber her of her of the use of her muscles.  I was determined it would not rob her of what was left of her life.  I closed my small printer service company and focused on making, what remained of her life as normal as possible.

As the days moved on my back began to hurt more and more from lifting her.  I soon realized I had to do something or we would both need a caregiver.  I searched the market to find something that would work in our small space, but there was nothing.  Desperate I sat up at night drawing on a napkin.  I went to a fabrication shop and the first secure transfer plate was created.  

Until her death we worked together to develop the techniques.  It became an obsession to perfect the art of transferring her.  One day we calculated for her to live normally, I needed to transfer her from 40 to 50 times a day.  No wonder my back was hurting.  Over the next several years we developed a dozen techniques that required no lifting and could be done safely and easily.

After her death, I realized many other people were struggling with patient handling just like we did.  I filed for a patent and built enough to fill my trunk and began to demonstrate, sell and train CNAs in nursing facilities.  

I wanted to go to the home care market, but I had no idea how to do that.  Five years later, I have trained tens of thousands of CNAs and Nurses on the science and art of the Balance Pivot.  Every time I transfer someone I think of my late wife and how we enjoyed the challenge of developing the techniques today that prevent so many injuries.

Rick Carbaugh