Patient transfer training utilizing The Swivel reduces injuries.

The Swivel was developed to solve the main problem in the patient transfer process, musculoskeletal and tissue injuries resulting from strains occurring in the transfer process. The physical stress and exertion involved in caring for patients or loved ones with limited mobility has caused rising numbers of injuries among direct caregivers.

Injuries include damage to ligaments, tendons, skin, nerves, joints, and cartilage, including vertebrae of the neck and back.  These injuries generally result from the long-term cumulative physical effort during transfers as well as accidents during transfers.

Home care providers, nurses, and health care aides experience injury and disability from injuries that result in suffering and economic loss. Employers have faced rising workers’ compensation and other lost time costs as well as shortages of needed staff. Even worse, patients can also be injured in the process. Learn how to safely-transfer a patient by visiting