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Benefits of the Balance Pivot Transfer

  • Does not require the patient to bear weight.
  • Can be used to transfer a person twice you size.
  • Reduces the transfer load by upto 90%.
  • Safe, easy, effective.

How Does it works?

The transfer is a combination of skill, ergonomic principle and secure turn table.

Who can Balance Pivot transfer and who cannot

  • Patients under 350lbs. The swivel can handle more but you cannot.
  • Patient should be able to sit, but not necessary they be able to bear weight. Their tibia will bear it.
  • No un-cooperative patients. No tubes or chords.
  • No feeble caregivers. While the balance pivot only requires a transfer load of 10% of body weight. White that is only 14lbs. for a 140lb. patient if could be up to 35lbs for a 350lb person.
  • No caregivers who are already injured. At least until they heal. No heavy loads but back injuries should not be loaded at all until they heal.

The Swivel Balance Pivot Transfer Tools

  • 12:x12″ Weighs 12lbs
  • Velcro Foot Retainer
  • 13-14 Gauge Steel
  • 51 Ball Bearings
  • Non Skid Bottom
  • Rubber Hand Hold
  • Power Coated
  • Medical Grade
  • 500lb rated
  • Positive turn table
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