Training in Body Mechanics for Patient Transfers is not Effective

Body mechanics are good but they are not the root of the problem. The problem is conventional manual techniques rely on the caregiver to exceed the safe lifting limits for the body. So while the body mechanics may be good the strain is not. This does not mean you cannot manually transfer a patient. Rather than lift the patient a better technique called the Balance Pivot teaches you to tip, balance and pivot the patient. The Balance Pivot patient transfer technique reduces the transfer loads to safe limits for the caregiver and allows the caregiver to secure the patient during the transfer process.

Manual safe patient transfers do not require the caregiver strain or struggle. Simple tools, such as a gait belt and a small lateral transfer plate, called a Swivel are all that is necessary to transfer the majority of patients. FREE patient transfer training can make it safe and simple to transfers patients, without the need for bulky expensive machines.

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