Transferring Techniques for Caregivers

Fundamental techniques for transferring patients
The most fundamental technique for transferring patients is the Balance Pivot.  This simple technique allows the caregiver to use leverage to reduce the patients weight so that it is easy to control.  Most of the techniques reduce the transfer weight by about 90%. This significant drop in transfer weight makes it possible for even a small caregiver to transfer a much larger patient safely and easily.

Two common patient transfer techniques

The two most common techniques are the Squat Pivot and the Slide Back.  The Squat Pivot patient transfer technique is a controlled transfer method that does not require the patient to have any use of their legs. The second technique is the Slide Back. This patient handling technique is designed to return the patient to the rear of their wheel chair after the transfer is complete. The technique is done from the front and avoids grabbing the patient under their arms or by their clothes as these actions often result in transfer injuries.