Top 10 Reasons:

  1. Make transferring easier by reducing the transfer load by up to 90% using the balance pivot transfer method.
  2. Hospital Grade steel construction strong enough to transfer a car. No plastic parts that can bind up and result in a fall.
  3. Precision industrial bearing ring glides easily for solid control over rotation. No dangerous braking system required. The Swivel is built throughout with industrial grade fabrication. It is designed and built to perform the safest and easiest patient transfers for the caregiver.
  4. Feet retention straps that insure the patient feet do not slip out from under them. This feature was added after my wife slipped and fell. She was already injured enough.
  5. Non-skid surface to keep the Swivel where you place it.
  6. Small size makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.
  7. In use nationwide in hospitals. More than 20,000 medical staff trained to use this device.
  8. In addition to the free basic training on the site all Swivel customers receive access to the advanced training library where you learn about all types of transfers including the car transfer, hi-lo transfers, and more.
  9. Learn to Safely Transfer Your Patient(s)– The Swivel makes transfers safe and easy to accomplish. You just have to learn a few basic techniques, and you will be able to perform transfers with more ease and less suffering.
  10. If you have a question just go online and connect with us.