You Don’t Need A Crane Move a Refrigerator

When it comes to patient transfer, there has been a steady series of injuries over the years.  Patients are getting larger and caregivers are less fit than previous generations.  But the most significant factor is lack of knowledge, tools and demonstrable skills in simple patient transfer tasks.

As a result purchased a people crane.  Can you imagine Sears showing up to remove you old refrigerator and bringing a crane.  Yet the refrigerator is much larger and heavier than the patient you need to move.

Sears will send a truck with a hand truck.  This tool relies on a leverage principle as old as the pyramids called the Balance Pivot.  The will strap the refrigerator high lock the wheels with their feet and simply tip the refrigerator back.  Now it can be easily moved to a new location.

The same is true for patients.  Some basic knowledge, a simple tool and a little physical effort will relocate a patient sing a force equal to around 10% of the body weight to tip and 1 to 4 lbs to pivot. You wont even break a sweat and they will still be looking for the patient crane.

The Balance Pivot never puts either party under a heavy load or into an unbalanced insecure position.  Learn the Balance Pivot and moving is easy.  Assisting patients move is not intuitive but a learned skill. Like the refrigerator some type of tool is needed to take advantage of leverage and reduce the weight. A patient crane is a good thing to have but a facility needs a fast, simple, safe transfer methods that can keep people moving where others hunt for the crane.

Safe patient transfers work from bed, to wheel chair, to any seated surface even the car.  You need assistance to safely assist patients to meet their transfer demands.