Zero Lift Patient Transfer is Often Zero Reality

Most patients do not require a mechanical lift to transfer.  These types of lifts are large, bulky, slow and very expensive.  The devices never seem to be available and staff routinely opt for a manual lift.  The manual lift is still taught in nursing training and it continues to contribute to the high injury rate endured by caregivers.

There is a better way.  It is called the Balance Pivot transfer.  It uses a small portable transfer plate that secures the lower extremeties  A very small external force brings the patients weight into balance where the patient is effortlessly pivoted to the new location.

Caregivers can safely transfer patients twice their size quickly and easily without strains, compression’s and twisted muscles accompanied with manual lifting methods.  There are 14 Balance Pivot transfer techniques.  Each designed to accommodate the variety of conditions and patient types caregivers encounter in the workplace. Learn how at